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Stay Strong Wyoming

An addendum to Battle Plan Wyoming.

1.   Our businesses have worked tirelessly to fight COVID-19 and need to be at            the center of any discussion that impacts them.


  • Businesses should be thanked and recognized for their work, not chastised. The majority of businesses have implemented the rules they have been asked to follow. There have been times where these rules were arbitrary, and changed regularly, yet businesses worked to comply.

  • Businesses should be included in all discussions related to COVID-19. We request that City County Health, State Health, and any other groups making rules include organizations like Chambers, the Downtown Development Authority, and tourism groups immediately and consistently moving forward.

  • Messaging should be designed to inspire businesses to comply - not threaten or condemn. Any statements should immediately stop the implications that business has been reckless or uncompliant during this process. It is untrue, and it does not help us make progress. The facts reflect that there have been very few bad players, and that should be clearly stated in any messaging.

  • Any further restrictions should take into account the impact they have on business. The way we put these rules into place matters. The immediate closing of eating establishments will cost our businesses thousands. Even heavily infected areas, such as New York City, gave a few hours notice of their decision.

  • Any rules that pick winners and losers eg: close “Main Street” businesses while holding corporate entities harmless should be held and contemplated to design rules that level the playing field.

2.   We support the thin blue line, and any efforts to turn police and sheriff                    personnel into “kitchen cops” should be resisted.

  • We are proud of the men and women who serve us. They should not be put into the awkward position of enforcing rules that are difficult to understand and change regularly.  We are thankful that law enforcement wants to help business through this, so please treat them with respect and kindness as you work together with them.

  • Our police and deputies are already stretched, and the people in this community depend on them.  Let them concentrate on their work and resist turning them in to compliance officers; however, when they do get a complaint and show up at your door, you can be assured that they are on your side, and want to help you implement the very complicated rules.

3.  American Business is our foundation and our future. It should be revered                 during this time. 

Battle Plan WY

Battle Plan Wyoming

Battle Plan Wyoming is a two phase approach designed to minimize economic effects of COVID-19 & strengthen local business. 


Hold the line for Wyoming's business community

1. Clean Bill of Health

Keep business well informed about the health considerations of COVID-19


2. GoFundMe Wyo-Style

Facilitate disaster relief funds for business


3. Keep Wyoming BRT (Bright)

Develop Business Response Teams (BRT) to facilitate business. Include accountants, attorneys, entrepreneurs, etc. 

4. Act Now

Engage on state and federal levels to guide help for business


5. Partner Up

Host weekly Economic Development Primary calls.  Begin at local level and transition to state level

6. VC Day  (Victory Over COVID-19) 

Plan for the day Wyoming goes back to work


Advance the line for Wyoming's business community

1. Community Counts

Evaluate and catalog local economic health

2. Dig First

Advocate for tax and spending policies that encourage economic growth - especially infrastructure projects


3. Fire Up

Advocate for policies and legislation that support economy quick-start businesses 

Ex: Construction of homes, commercial buildings and infrastructure

4. Wyoming First

Advance policies that redirect spending toward existing business 


5. Shop until you Drop

Create public relations campaigns that drive traffic to local business

6. Cattle Call

Call businesses weekly to provide consolidated updates

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