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Representing the interests of Wyoming Businesses & Industry.



The Wyoming State Chamber of Commerce has partnered with us to provide your business members a stronger advocacy voice.

Chambers of Commerce can select from

two Partnership Communication Options:

  • Direct to Local Chamber

  • Direct to Member (Preferred)

Statewide the businesses will receive important and relevant information regarding Wyoming and Federal governmental affairs. "Action Alerts" will allow for wide-spread input on issues.


  • Wyoming to Washington D. C. - A team of government affairs professionals aggressively and proactively representing your business’ needs throughout the year at the state capitol and in Washington, D.C.

  • A voice in statewide initiatives and coalitions to shape Wyoming Business & Industry annual agenda

  • Develop Public Policy through grassroots actions

  • Participate in political polls for immediate dialogue and position


A s a proactive legislative advocacy organization, the Wyoming Business & Industry Federation will empower Federation member involvement in communications with elected officials on legislative and regulatory matters before state and federal government.


A s a part of Federation's involvement, the Wyoming Business & Industry Federation will inform the Local Chamber of all communication sent to Federation members and will be an active partner in representing state-wide issues.

  • Real-time legislative updates during the legislative session and periodic key legislative “ACT NOW - Action Alerts” – you will receive these from your local Chamber or Direct to Member

  • Updates, announcements, and relevant statewide reports leading up to the legislative session and post-session for optimal awareness

Would you like to support our efforts?

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