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We are focused on results for a better Wyoming.




Having an educated workforce is of utmost importance. Striving for excellence in this arena, while thinking to the future is a primary focus. A solution to tool the State is the Talent Pipeline Management program and is currently being piloted in Cheyenne, WY.

All to derive lasting results.


Shifts in the workforce are causing ripples of change for our local economies.

To be competitive in the labor market businesses must be outfitted accordingly. The Federation understands this and is moving forward with solutions to address this need. From business incentives to high wages, the Federation is setting a

stand for business.

Carpenter at Work_edited.jpg
Railway Tracks


We are on the brink of stellar infrastructure solutions for the State of Wyoming with commuter rail connecting to neighboring States, to accessing Federal funding for enhanced highway systems and broadband expansions. We are leading the charge in this arena and have businesses' interests on the forefront.

Would you like to support our efforts?

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