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Wyoming Business

Give Business & Industry a Voice!


Congress makes numerous decisions each day and the Wyoming Business Advocates is a primary resource to assist policymakers in the process. By providing a unified voice for the Business & Industry of Wyoming, the Wyoming Delegation is able to make informed decisions for a stronger community and economic foundation. By becoming an Advocate you will amplify the voices of the Business & Industry Community and have an active role in what is said and heard.

Annually the Wyoming Business Advocates represent partners in the Wyoming Business & Industry Federation during a Washington D.C. fly-in and local elected officials from across the State attend as well. Economic and community advancement is a primary focus of the visit. Those in attendance are given the opportunity to visit with the Wyoming delegation and other important elected officials.


The Wyoming Business & Industry Federation funds a Lobbyist in Washington D.C. through the Wyoming Business Advocates Program to represent the interests of the 44th State at the National stage.

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