Wyoming Business & Industry Federation


The Wyoming State Chamber of Commerce has partnered with us to provide your business members a stronger advocacy voice.

Chambers of Commerce can select from two Partnership Communication Options:

  • Direct to Local Chamber

  • Direct to Member (Preferred)

Statewide the businesses will receive important and relevant information regarding Wyoming and Federal governmental affairs. "Action Alerts" will allow for wide-spread input on issues.



Representing the interests of Wyoming Businesses & Industry.


  • Wyoming to Washington D. C. - A team of government affairs professionals aggressively and proactively representing your business’ needs throughout the year at the state capitol and in Washington, D.C.

  • A voice in statewide initiatives and coalitions to shape Wyoming Business & Industry annual agenda

  • Develop Public Policy through grassroot actions

  • Participate in political polls for immediate dialogue and position



As a proactive legislative advocacy organization, the Wyoming Business & Industry Federation will empower Federation member involvement in communications with elected officials on legislative and regulatory matters before state and federal government.

As a part of Federation involvement, the Wyoming Business & Industry Federation will inform the Local Chamber of all communication sent to Federation members and will be an active partner in representing state-wide issues.

  • Real-time legislative updates during the legislative session and periodic key legislative “ACT NOW - Action Alerts” – you will receive these from your local Chamber or Direct to Member

  • Updates, announcements, and relevant statewide reports leading up to legislative session and post session for optimal awareness

  • Be educated on

Would you like to support our efforts?



Which Chambers are eligible to be a Federation Partner?

Local Chambers who are in good standing with the Wyoming State Chamber of Commerce can opt into the Wyoming Business & Industry Federation.

What is the cost associated with being a Federation Partner?

There is no cost to be a Federation partner, provided the Local Chamber is an investor in the Wyoming State Chamber of Commerce.

How does my Chamber become a Federation Partner?

As a member in good standing with the Wyoming State Chamber of Commerce your Local Chamber can provide your invested business members with a complimentary Federation Partnership. Sign and complete the agreement, featuring partner information, and return it to connect@wyfederation.com.

Why must I sign an agreement to be a Federation Partner?

The agreement allows for proper record keeping needed by the Wyoming Business & Industry Federation to accurately record which Local Chambers have chosen to participate along with a traceable count of Federation members.

Who is eligible?

Any Local Chamber that is in good standing with the Wyoming State Chamber of Commerce will be eligible to be a Federation Partner and will be able to supply their members with a complimentary membership into the Federation.

Can my business members serve on the Wyoming Business & Industry Federation Policy Committee?

No. Only the leadership of the Wyoming State Chamber of Commerce and Local Chambers, including the Board of Directors & Key Staff, will be able to serve on this committee.

Will the Federation Partners’ Members be prospected by the Federation?

Federation member lists will not be used by Wyoming Business & Industry Federation staff as prospect lists. Investment opportunities in the Federation will only be shared by the request of the Federation Partner.

What is your opt-out policy?

Each email that is sent out from the Wyoming Business & Industry Federation has an unsubscribe/opt-out feature, which when clicked on, will remove the individual from future emails. Federation members may also opt-out of any and all contact lists at any time by contacting the Federation directly.

How will you manage the Federation information?

  • The Wyoming Business & Industry Federation has built two different communication options into this program from which local, county and regional chambers can choose:

  • Direct to Member (preferred): The Federation is responsible for sending communications to the Federation members.

  • Supply your logo in a high resolution JPG or PNG to co-brand materials with other Federation Partners

  • Email logo to connect@wyfederation.com

  • Direct to Local Chamber: The local chamber will be responsible for forwarding Federation communications received to business members. The local chamber agrees that time-sensitive information and materials will be passed along to members in time for prescribed action to be taken.

Can I control which information the Federation Members from my chamber receive?

If you choose option two above, Direct to Local Chamber, you have the ability to review and make decisions on information before forwarding along to your business members.

How often will you be sending out information to the Federation members?

The Wyoming Business & Industry Federation is sensitive to the amount of information that will be sent to Federation members and understands this will be in addition to information they receive from their local chamber. As with any communication schedule, this is subject to change, but routine communication would consist of the following:

  • Weekly Legislative Update email during the legislative session.

  • Communication highlighting upcoming policy events and programs.

  • As needed: Legislative “Call to Action” announcements, Policy workshop invitation & Surveys/Polls

If I chose the Direct to Local Chamber communication option, what information do I need to provide?

The number of Federation members and their employee count at the time of joining the Federation, plus a yearly update so that the Federation can keep an accurate record.​